From numerous comments and opinions please find some selected texts which describe the Artist and his works.

Your unusually opulent and versatile work in fine arts area has became already the firm value in Polish culture.

The insides of human body. An animated matter, the idea – human energy and the universe. May „living paintings” by Andrzej Bertrandt enjoy the broadest audience.

Beautiful colours of the world. Thank you for atmosphere of spiritual serenity which I am taking away.

It is cheerful, gives hope and sometimes afterthought and wistfulness. That is why it is true Art in my opinion.

Subtle play of colours emanates with tranquility, warmth and pure joy.

The colouring has very soothing effect.

Fascinating contemporary Art on the edge of science fiction. Next Odyseas should be of size 1m x 1,5m and even bigger.

Nobody paints like this.

Especially fascinating in these paintings is white colour energetic effect of which is extrahorizontal; moreover there is sort of motion in them arousing sensations associable with music.

The paintings bright up your interior and your life.

It is possibility to experience a new beauty. Though I have seen many wonderful works of art, I have never seen before such a harmony in displaying sensations and experiences of the reality. Perfection of work.Great craftsmanship. All of this is not big in size but very big in contents. Love and rage are here, joy and sadness too.

We are impressed. We never have expected to see something so gorgeous. Paintings contain soul and give expression of naturalness. Each painting seems to live.

It is a pity that there is so few of them.

It is unbelievable how the works come to people with their brightness, colour and space.

With your intuition you speak directly to my soul…

The paintings: wonderful contents enwrapped with fantastic imagination.

Energy emanating from your paintings inspires me in special way. I contemplate the essence of light and shadow, sound and silence, statics and motion, colour and emptiness. Such sort of consideration is the most precisely illustrated by comparing the human being to the universe. Is the human being only the human? Is the universe only the universe? May it be that they CONSTITUTE A ONENESS?

Thank you for disclosing the other, pure and beautiful world to me. I admire energy of your paintings. Density like inside the precious stones.

Colour is jingling, drizzling with light, is flowing and oozing with music. Is playing. Compositions and frames are so accurate – nothing more nothing less.

Faultless skill, fresh and unique. Perfect precision. Bertrandt’s painting evokes strong impression. Strong but at the same time mild, magnetic and hypnotic. At first sight difficult. But it is only a pretence. Paradox is that you want immediately to stay close to it. To be with it and to have it at home. It is easy to became tamed with it and even befriend. Bertrandt has created his personal, intimate microcosm and macrocosm. No matter how real size of work is we have feeling that the picture is being observed by microscope or telescope. His painting is the art to be watched. But is it really for watching only?!

Cosmic logics of the whole.

When meeting the Artist of great value like Andrzej Bertrandt my thought becomes to follow texts of taoism.

Bertrandt is like a warm fairy tale. His Arles, Helen, Mist, Sting pain, With child… they all are so close to me… And, Mr B., please paint and paint more, my Storyteller; Warmth and good emanates from you…

They contain all feelings. Their author must be a wonderful, open man. I love art and this art is apogeum of sound, time and freedom. My (our) Mother is an Indian and she loves the Beauty too.

Thank you for turning point in my life.

Cogito ergo sum, is it possible to paint thougths? In space between Bertrandt’s painting and myself watching I saw my own thoughts.

Bertrandt called his works ,,drawings”. For me these are paintings, whose the only, common with drawings feature is the tool: pencil or crayon.

Subtle, arising associations, pure and created by imagination.

This wonderful works show imaginativeness and gift of true artist – Great Artist.

His paintings are definitely masterpieces – full of light and of perfectly balanced colour, multidimensional; they create rare opportunity to touch the Unknown.

From where do you take so much gentlesness?! With jealousy…

Now I know that black and white are composed of thousands colours

Congratulations to Author for his ingeniousness. I believe in immortality of his art

Taking Bertrandt’s painting as a whole I feel like associating with deeply thoughtful, intellectually and artistically, screenplay of the film – Here and now

I am not an expert, I am an ignorant rather. In my life you are the first who gave me experience of such strong emotions coming from watching your paintings. I have not been sensitive to art so far. Looking at an ordinary tree was giving me more than the whole Louvre Gallery. I feel like writing a letter to you and I am still excited. For me you are the Great and the Only painter. Thank you so much.

An eye can be a third human eye. But it takes talent to spot it.

You are in the 21st century already while we all just have entered it. I have impression that you already feel well at home here. You carefully show us the way and warn us gently. What we see is worth any price.

You see a nature like anybody before. Your phenomenal art will not fade away. The styles pass away, while the beauty stays

Harmony of the visible with the invisible. I admire your precision

So much subtlety, such a depth, where does all of this come from? I know.

The true ARTIST feels it, knows it and paints it.

The (really!) touched

Thank you for your vision of 21st century – the time of people with souls and warm hearts, people who are thinking and feeling.

Bertrandt’s works contain as many stories as many are people seeing them.

As far as I am concerned I have to admit that these paintings do not resemble any works I’ve seen before. Many of them might honor collections of the most refined art connoisseurs.

Remember the name of artist since it will shine in the USA soon.

Above opinions have been written by students, professors, spectators from Europe and other continents. Some of the spectators are accidental and not known at all but some of them are famous and recognized. The experts and those who saw art for the first time in their life.

Some opinions were expressed many years before and they have not been published yet.