Cookies Policy

E-Shop means the web service and Internet shop running online business under selling offered services and products via Internet.

1. The E-Shop does not gather any information automatically except for information contained in the files – so called cookies.

2. Cookies are informatic data, in particular text files, which are stored in terminal equipment of the User. Their purpose is to enable and facilitate using the websites of the E – Shop. Cookies contain the name of the website and its unique number.

3. The Subject placing cookies in the User’s terminal equipment and gaining access to them is the E- Shop Operator: PRYZMAT Katarzyna i Wojciech Puza Sp.j. located in Warsaw at 71, Gwiaździsta Street.

4. E-Shop cookies are used only to support User’s session (before and after log-in).
The cookies ANDRZEJBERTRANDT.COM do not contain any personal data.

5. There are two main types of cookies used in the E-Shop: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored in User’s terminal equipment only till the moment of log-out, leaving the website or closing out the browser by the User.
Persistent cookies are stored on User’s terminal equipment during the time set in cookies parameters or till the moment of deleting them by the User.

6. Within the E – Shop the following types of cookies are also used:

a) necessary cookies which enable using services accessible in the E – Shop, like authorisation cookies used for services which require authorisation in the E – Shop.

b) cookies needed to protect safety like these used for detecting authorisation violations in the E – Shop;

c) functional cookies which enable to remember User’s settings.

7. In many cases navigation software (Internet browser) admits storing cookies in User’s terminal equipment implicitly. E – Shop Users can change settings regarding cookies at any time. Particularily, settings can be changed to block automatic management of cookies in Internet browser settings or to inform the User every time when the cookies are placed in User’s terminal equipment. Detailed information on options and ways of managing cookies is available in Internet browser software settings.

8. E – Shop Operator informs that any restrictions on application of the cookies can affect some functionalities available on E – Shop’s websites.

9. More information on cookies is available on