Andrzej Bertrandt

Andrzej Bertrandt – painterAndrzej Bertrandtpainter.

I’m an artist, a creator of art. ART is one. The only thing I am interested in is if the art has its own individual style and powerful expression, if it is universal, honest, personal, authentic – simply beautiful and timeless. It is important that the artistic language I’m using is comprehensible, that it inspires others and helps them to find answers to the most important questions. I create spontaneously and intuitively. In the process of creation of my art the capabilities of the surface and the tools I use and above all – the honesty of my work, my mind and my spirit – are the most important and interesting components. In my relationship with the audience it’s the ability to pass my message as well as my aesthetic and emotional values.

My Personal Web Gallery gives me a chance to present my work to the audience and to communicate with people – one at a time, creating very intimate relationship between the creator, the art and the audience. It also offers me the opportunity to exhibit my work to infinite number of people with no intermediaries. It is an occasion to create a direct connection between artist and his audience at the moment of the purchase of his work.

This Gallery is the answer to the needs of my audience. It has occurred to me that a particular work could be – and often is – appreciated by many people who would like to own it and are disappointed to find out that it has just been sold to someone else. Many artists, Rembrandt, Goya, Dali, Picasso, Nowosielski to mention just a few, replicated their work in limited and signed editions. I decided to do the same for two reasons, first being the demand of the audience, and second – capabilities brought by new breakthrough technologies. Being the author and owner of copyright to a picture I can offer a reproduction and I am able to control the process of creation. I personally make every effort to ensure accuracy and fidelity, can sign the reproductions and even, if need be, sign certificates, that guarantees buyers that a reproduction is consistent with the original work. Hence, a replica by the author is also a work of art – and you will be able to buy them soon in my online gallery shop.

Artistic Curriculum

1963 – Graduates from Department of Interior Architecture of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Title of the thesis: “Poetry in Space”, promoters: prof. Mieczysław Porębski and prof. Lech Tomaszewski.
From 1965 onwards – practices commercial design. Among his works are 58 packaging designs for textile industry. Designs logo and signet as well as the entire advertising campaign for CORA factory. Designs several logotypes for various companies, five of which were included in World Encyclopedia of Signs edited by Franco Maria Ricci. Prepares forms for Polish Security Printing Works and Foreign Trade Printing House. Prepares graphic design for 29 books and record covers for numerous publishing houses, including State Publishing Institute (PIW), Czytelnik, National Publishing House of Agriculture and Forestry (PWRiL), MUZA S.A., Polskie Nagrania and many others. Designs 22 calendars and cooperates with many Foreign Trade Offices, including Tekstilimpex, Coopexim, Skórimpex.
From 1969 onwards – designs posters for 22 movies and various theatres (Ateneum Theatre, National Opera) and institutions (Unicef). The posters are in collections of Wilanów Poster Museum, Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Los Angeles, University of Washington, Library of U.S. Congress, Biblioteque Forney, Museums of Sport in Lausanne and Barcelona as well as private collections around the world.
1971 – Travels to Paris and cooperates with Havas Conseil and Publisist agencies. Designs advertising campaign for Saison Packaging Avery.
1972 – Design and implementation of decoration of CHZ Elektrim pavillon at Poznań International Fair.
1973 – Receives a scholarship from Ministry of Culture of Austria and spends several months in Vienna, practices at Verbeagentur CCK Wien oraz Take Packaging Avery.
Nominated by Polish Ministry of Culture becomes an expert of Artistic Committee ART and Foreign Trade Printing House.
Becomes the Artistic Director of RSW Prasa Publishing House.
1974 – Designs a mural at Sports Center in Toruń. Cooperates with architects Wojciech Zbłocki and Jerzy Hryniewiecki. On request of Ministry of Shipping and Trade designs and realizes an exhibition “Poland at Sea”, presented in 10 countries, including USA, Germany, France, Italy and UK.
1975 – Designs (with a team) the land use for Połaniec Power Plant.
1975 – Designs and implements showcase décors in 7 offices of LOT Polish Airlines in Warsaw, Poznań and Szczecin. Designs pictograms symbolizing all cities LOT had connections established at that time.
1977 – Designs and builds advertising walls for Electrical Industry Union POLAM near Central Railway Station in Warsaw (490 sqm) and for Information Services near Department of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology (788 sqm) as well as one for the National Theatre.
1979 – Invited by prof. Jan Zachwatowicz recreates in oil-tempera technique 200 sqm of wall paintings in Constitution Hall of Royal Castle in Warsaw.
1987 – By invitation of Ministry of Culture participates in a closed competition for ceiling design at National Concert Hall in Warsaw.
1989 – Preserves elevations of 5 apartment houses in Warsaw Old Town and prepares full documentation.
1992 – Design advertising campaign for UNICEF. Cooperates with interior designers – practices wall paintings in private residences and offices (i.e. Kulczyk Holding S.A.).
1993 – Receives ZAIKS Association Badge of Honor with Gold Laurels (among decorated were Abakanowicz, Lem, Miłosz, Osiecka, Wajda, Konwicki, Młynarski).
1994 – Prepares design for jubilee of SmithKline Beetcham Company and 40th Anniversary of Panadol in National Concert Hall in Warsaw. At the same time creates and exhibites his easel paintings and drawings. Individual exhibitions in National Concert Hall in Warsaw, Stara Kordegarda Gallery in Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw and Polish Culture Institute in London – by invitation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture and Art. On the occasion of XIII International Chopin Piano Competition exhibits his paintings in Bogoria Gallery in Warsaw. Participates in group exhibitions in New York, Duisburg and Dortmund.
1998 – Receives a medal on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of ZAIKS Association.
1999 – Participates in a charity auction conducted by Wiesław Ochman to build a monument of Janusz Korczak.
2001 – Participates in a charity auction conducted by Anna Dymna.
2001 – Retrospective exhibition in 7 halls of Association of Fine Arts’ Friends in Kraków.
2003 – On request of Bank PKO S.A. designs and creates 5 wall paintings along with a spatial composition as well as 18 oil paintings. Writes and publishes a book “Cosmos”.
2005 – Cooperates with Dawidczyk Company, designing logotype, advertising campaign and company jubilee.
2012 – Completes writing of illustrated autobiography.
Andrzej Bertrandt gave many press, radio and tv interviews and conducted a lot of multimedia author’s events. The Gallery Team is considering the possibility to publish some fragments of those materials.